Friday, February 7, 2014

When I grow up

What is wrong with adults? Why do we have to make an immediate assumption about what children will do 'when they grow up'? Why can't we just let them 'be kids'.

Stroke a dog and you'll grow up 'to be a vet'
Show an interest in lego and you're an engineer in the making
Ask to stir the gravy = "next Jamie Oliver"
Pick up a leaf = botanist or better still 'Attenborough'
Skip = gold winning olympic gymnast
Run - gold winning sprinter
Observation on culture or opinion on right or wrong = next prime minister

Seriously,  is this necessary, just look at their faces when you say this, they think we're all mental.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

True love's kiss

The boy has recently developed a fascination and passion for lego which warms my heart immensely. He'll sit for hours building cars, planes, towers, diving boards, the possibilities are endless. Tonight he built a treasure chest so I supplied the treasure (an old heart shaped pendant from a garish blue necklace). It got us onto the subject of love. He told me wisely that love should be looked after which is why he'd put it in a lego chest with a secret button that only he knew the code to. I said he was right but that love should also be shared at which point I gave him an impromptu kiss and hug. After I let go and tucked him in he told me it had been a 'true love kiss'. Admittedly this was a line stolen from our fav Disney film (Frozen) but the sentiment was that I'd really meant it. At last he believed and maybe even felt that my love was real. 

The small act of building stuff out of little pieces of plastic has helped him unlock or allow himself to acknowledge and accept that genuine act of love and affection. Funny how things work out huh.